What is a DBA and Types of DBA

What is a DBA

A DBADatabase Administrator, is responsible for ongoing operations of an organization’s database and the applications that access the data.

The DBA position can cover different job function and job titles, and these vary widely across organizations.

Types of DBA

The DBA job titles can be broadly classified as listed below:

  • DBA System Administrator (Production DBA).

Needs sound knowledge of different areas. He is in charge of setting up, configuring, and maintaining test and production SQL Server instances. This can include routine tack of monitoring, tuning, backups, and restores, security, and so on.

  • DBA Database Designer

Focuses on creating new Database Schemas. He defines user needs and requirements, develop logical database designs, creates physical database and so on.

  • DBA Developer

The DBA Developer writes code, be that T-SQL scripts, user defined stored procedures and functions, CLR (Common Language Runtime) objects, or any other type of code that is used to access SQL Server data.

  • DBA Business Intelligence Specialist

DBA Business Intelligence Specialist design, create, and maintain data warehouse and OLAP (OnLine Analytical Process) cubes so that data can be more easily be retrieved and analyzed by an organizations. This involves developing BI-based application. They also design or configure Business Intelligence tools use by end user-users.

  • DBA High Availability Specialist

In this 24×7 world, for many businesses it is critical that SQL Server is available ‘Around the Clock’. So the DBAs who specialize in high availability are required. They will determine what high availability methods are best for their environment.

  • DBA Report Writer

In recent years new tread has emerged where specialist DBA are requires who can use SQL Reporting Services which is enriched with many more features now. They are needed to design and create reports in order to extract data from databases in meaningful formats.

DBA job is very varied and constantly evolving. New areas are emerging in SQL Server, and DBA needs to keep himself updated all the time.

This article has been inspired by ‘How to become an Exceptional DBA’ by Brad McGehee.

Best of Luck!


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