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Bhavesh Patel is now 1000 times Stronger

Bhavesh Patel is now 1000 times Stronger

I don’t know what are you are thinking after reading the title of this post? Did you see the readers count on the right side? Yes, it shows 1000+ readers for this blog.

I started this blog as an experiment few months back when I had just started my career as DBA professional. I wanted to share the knowledge I acquire in this profession with the new DBA’s or “want to be DBA’s”.

It has been a great journey from 0 to 1 then 10 and 100 and now 1000+. I hope posts on this blog are of any use to the readers. I dreamed of positive response from Netizens, but never expected to be this good in such a short period of time.

Till now, most of the posts were related to TSQL commands and some basic programming. Now I shall move on next level of DBA, that is SQL Server Management.  And shall post more advance topics related to DBA in the future.

I’ve always believed in sharing, since I think it makes us all stronger.


Bhavesh Patel

Junior DBA